Beware of using Hotshorturl. I used it to cloak some of my urls after reading it's a good idea to do so, 'cause some folk will strip your referral name or number out of the url otherwise. I used it extensively to promote Peoplestring, until a friend joined up using that url and it didn't register in my downline. So I had another friend use the Hotshort url, and another to use the url Peoplestring provided. Yet again, the Hotshort url didn't register in my downline, the Peoplestring url did. I used both of them right out of my page on Hotshorturl, the long url from Peoplestring, and the short url listed right below it in the same box provided on Hotshorturl. I don't know if this is a fluke of this particular website url, but I'm not going to experiment with every site I'm promoting. I'm just not using Hotshorturl.

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