Payday 1-8-10

Here are my weekly earnings, and this is the first of a weekly feature, showing what I made, starting with the most lucrative to the least lucrative money-making sites I'm on.
Now, this may seem like a paltry sum. It is. But, take into consideration- I'm working on community computers with severe limitations, like no Activex, video (no tutorials), software downloading, etc. Also, I have time constraints since these are shared computers. I'm just starting out, so these numbers should steadily increase as I learn. And, I spent a lot of time doing this, which was a setback. And, lastly, this blog is for the evaluation of the money-making sites, not to actually rake in. If that happens, it's just a perk.
I was reluctant to leave up bux and wordlinx, but I thought I'd note my experience with these- I'm having problems dealing with the username/password thing on these sites. I tried using the same username/password combination on all of them, for the obvious reason. I chose a password that has one special character, because it's more secure, but some sites don't allow it. On top of that, some sites don't let you choose your username, but use a number or your email. It makes it hard and confusing to keep track of, and, for example, with the password retrieval from bux, there is this: 'You only have 1 hour to change your password since you requested recovery for security reasons.' That's not always practical, and since there are so many sites to use out there, I just drop the ones that give me a hard time.


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