Payday 1-15-10

Here are this weeks earnings, but first: in checking the stats on all the sites on which I'm making money, I went to Bidvertiser, which I hadn't been to in a long time. I remember why: problems logging on. So I decided to drop their ads from this blog, with this message I sent to support: "I'm dropping all your ads from my site, and blogging about the experience. It seems I have the hardest time getting on your site to check my stats. The logon never lets me thru, and I think part of the problem is the drop-down menu with 'Advertiser' 'Publisher' and 'Referral' selections. Whatever is wrong with the process is not my problem, there are too many other sites out there to choose from to use one that is troublesome. Goodbye."
I'm not fooling around here. This stuff is time consuming enough, if I get on a site and it isn't functional and easy to use, I leave it. Forget the promises of easy money, they all promise that. Go with the well designed, easy to use, functional sites.

for an incredible $31.35... which is my YTD, so I didn't even double last weeks earnings. But, let's keep it in perspective: I'm working on community computers with some limitations, and since they're shared, I can't save sites on them, so I have to logon everytime I do anything, which is very time consuming.
Plus, I'm on some new sites which are geared towards trafficing and affiliate marketing, auto-responders, etc. I'm gaining a new set of skills, and there's a learning curve, and not a lot of time to pursue the sites above right now. Will update with better figures next week.

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