A Guide to this Blog, What It Is, and How to Use

What I plan to do at the beginning is rate free sites or come-ons to experiment with their money-making potential, and to see if they even come close to their promises. I'm focusing on free offers since I'm starting out cash-strapped, and there are so many out there. As I continue on, I'll add any offer, starting with the most outrageous, as funds allow.
I'm starting out with virtually no MLM and little internet marketing or sales experience, and little to average technical ability, which I think is a good thing. Most of these offers claim no special ability needed, and if it's too hard for me to comprehend or do, it will be too hard for the average user. I'm going to spend an average of an hour a day at least for a week to try out each site or offer at the start. This is subject to change as I continue, especially with offers that claim more or less time needed. Eventually I will have in place a rating system that gives weight to such factors as ease of use, time spent, money spent, money made... I'll have to see as my experience will guide me in what is most important and how to set up such a system. The whole thing will become more refined and useable as I get better at blogging, finding and trying different schemes, and implementing suggestions from users of this blog.

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