Safelists, etc...

I've gone off on a tangent, but I learned a lot in the proccess. In order to get referrals for Peoplestring, I did some searching and came across a Matrix Team BuilderReality-Networkers. I thought this would help recruit, but I'm not enthralled with their program. It was part of the learning proccess, and I picked up some things there, but on that site, it costs $25 to join after a 14 day trial period, and you're expected to get 5 referrals on top of that, even though they provide as much of the rest of the downline as you need. I don't think it's worth the $25, so I'm going to take as much as the site has to offer during the trial period. They provide a large list of Safelinks, and I learned of other things there that will help in this endeavour. I never realized how involved the whole internet money-making thing is, what with safelists, traffic-exchanges, matrices, and all.
What I'm doing is filling out the list of safelists as I join, and giving a summary of my experience with each. One thing I've discovered is navigation buttons on a lot of them don't take you to another page on the site, but to another site altogether. It can get quite confusing quickly if one is signing on to different sites at the same time.

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