My Downline Club Post 1

Mydownlineclub is my latest foray into the fray. I have discovered that what I am doing requires I get 'downlines'- people to follow me- for all the sites I'm signing on to. It's a way of marketing without having to do the old-fasioned smooze. No chumming up to people to get them to buy your product, just good new-fasioned typing and clicking. I'm learning, but it's old dog, new tricks.
What I've discovered is my original idea of signing on to something, trying it for a week and rating it based on how well I did is impractical. All of the sites I've tried take much more work than I can do in a week.
I'm now trying My Downline Club to drum up recruits to my endeavours. Here are just some of the things they give you:
Splash Page 1:
Splash Page 2:
Splash Page 3:
All Programs URL:
So, I have yet to rate a site, but I'm working on it. At this point, the only thing that's done me any good so far is Peoplestring. But this doesn't mean the others don't have their merits... I just as yet have not found them. Will have rating system in place by this time next week, some sort of chart to make comparisons easy. Until then, feel free to offer suggestions, comments, insults, praise, whatever you deem appropriate.

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