Peoplestring Post 1

Peoplestring is the next of my attempts to make money on a free site. Again, for your edification, the link provided is my personal refer a friend link. If you click on it and join, I make $.50. Thank you.
I made 3 cents by joining up, then did this:
  • Complete your First Survey
  • Then you will receive a card in the mail to verify your address and you earn your first $1.50
  • Once we confirm your address the Mailbox Cash will start flowing.
    Earn Some Quick Cash
So, once my address is confirmed, I'll have a whopping $1.53!
I recieved an email account, which I plan to use as long as it takes to get to the nitty-gritty of this thing and find out what the potential is. They also offer IM, which is at this point no interest to me, I barely have time to do what I want on the computer as it is, I don't need more distractions. One of their other offers is:
Step 1: Earn People Dollars from our Partners
Step 2: Turn Them into Cash at Peoplestring.com
Step 3: 100 People Dollars = $1.00
I just started on this, so I plan to do more investigating before any more posts on this. I invite all to try this out and comment; on the site, on this blog, on anything relevant to this or any other post.

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